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ANNOUNCEMENT TO STUDENTS [Aug. 17th, 2006|04:44 pm]
Announcement to all studentsCollapse )
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Deah Cooper [Aug. 14th, 2006|09:32 am]
Subject: Cooper, Deah

Notes: When I approached Deah she seemed irrational and emotional, more so than the average teenager. Her powers are completely beyond her scope of understanding at the moment and there is an immaturity to her behavior that suggests perhaps a mental imbalance. She refuses help and seems to want to wallow in her own depression. She has very little control over her powers, so I presented to her various scenarios of what she could do if she was willing to help herself and work with us. She seemed excited at first, but then her anxiety got the best of her and she once more retreated into her shell.

Analysis: Deah has fully mentioned taking medication to help control her powers but I feel they're only hurting her. I'm sure the medication is to help balance out her depression, but in the end her control over her powers have not improved in the slightest. My suggestion would be to rid her of medication and start fresh.

I would like to personally plan a new school schedule catered to Deah's needs. I would like her school work to focus on liberal arts because I feel classroom interaction is important in helping her to get a handle on her powers. She needs to learn socialization skills and have a safe environment where she can work to control her powers. With a focus on the arts, Deah will be forced to challenge herself in a way she never has had to before. Where as Math and Science are subjects where her knowledge gaining abilities would put her at the top of the class, English, Drama and Art would challenge her to think creatively and to keep her on her toes.

In place of the practical arts, I'd like Deah to continue to work on controlling her powers and then I'd like to set up sessions where Deah is allowed to work with some of the more brighter minds at the institute, absorbing their knowledge.

Deah has great potential, both as a student and as an X-Man. She could most likely be a powerful asset to ourselves in the future. I would suggest she be enrolled in the Junior X-Men program, with a direct advancement to the X-Men when she is ready.
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[[Private]] [Aug. 10th, 2006|05:33 pm]
I had a fortunate run in with Paige Guthrie today. Apparently she is running for Junior X-Men Leader, which I did not know was elected democratically. In any case, she needed my signature to complete her application. I don't know why, maybe I am a sadist, but I enjoyed hanging it over her head. A girl like Paige, she's so smart and bright and eager, I wanted to knock some sense into her. I think these are nice qualities to have, but she seems to much of a teacher's pet for my tastes, and frankly I'd rather see someone get the position because they are mature and qualified, not because they made the biggest display over it.

But then I can't help notice there's a small glimmer of myself deep in her dirt stained overalls. I have agreed to sign the sheet as long as she adequetly shows she can lead by taking on this field trip to Worthington Industries.

I love it when all the pieces fall in together. I've been looking for an opportunity to get in touch with Warren for quite some time without looking desperate for it. This bodes well, I hate leaving business unresolved.

And if Paige succeeds, I'll not only sign her sheet, but I'll officially make her my choice for leader.
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