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x_emma_frost's Journal

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Name: Emma Grace Frost
Nickname: Ms. Frost, White Queen
Codename: White Queen
Affiliation: X-Men/Teacher
Nationality: American
Age: 28
Height: 5'9
Weight: 141
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Characteristics: Often wears silvery lipstick and revealing outfits.
Powers/Abilities: Telepathy and the ability to become organic diamond
Extent/Limition of Powers/Abilities: Emma's range of telepathy is pretty typical. She can astral project, read minds, control thoughts, telepathically communicate and manipulate the brain directly with psychic energy. As far as range and scope go, she is nowhere near the level of Charles Xavier and would still require Cerebro to project long distances or find someone she did not already know. When she is in her diamond form, she cannot use her mental abilities, and thus is open to psychic attack. Her diamond form does not increase her strength, it just gives her extra mass and protection.

History: Emma Frost had the type of childhood most kids would kill to have. She was born into a wealthy family and often had everything handed to her on a silver platter. She breezed through prep school and was likely the center of any social gathering. Her life seemed picture perfect until the onset of puberty and the emergence of her mutant abilities.

Like most psychics, Emma's powers first became apparent when she started hearing the thoughts of others and when she got constant migranes. However, Emma was always encouraged as a child to be proud of who she was and to discover things on her own, so with time she managed to train herself to use her psychic abilities for her own benefit. Already confident, Emma became downright cocky as she used her powers to get everything she ever wanted. This trend continued until her last year of college when she was approached by the Hellfire Club, a group of privilaged mutants who wanted to include her in their Inner Circle. She accepted and began to enjoy her new life of money, power and sexual liberation.

While with the Hellfire Club, Emma met a man named Charles Xavier who offered her a chance to do more with her abilities by joining his staff at his school for young mutants. Emma declined, thinking that Xavier's ideals and her own were quite different. To Emma, Charles wanted to help mutants keep their powers in control, while Emma thought it was better for mutants to be free to explore and push their powers to their optimum use. While she declined his offer, Emma decided that she did in fact want to teach, to inspire young minds (and mostly to get them to think like her.) She approached the Hellfire Club who decided to fund her school.

For two years Emma ran a small school for mutant children in Massachusetts. The teaching program was a lot less structured and more oriented in teaching children what they wanted to learn. The classes included a wide range of topics, from mutant history to conversation skills. Often the topics were controversial or taboo and Emma would reward students for their personal growth, even if it resulted in unethical practices. For once, Emma found pleasure in helping others and things were happy for her. However, her liberating, free thinking, self exploration program erupted in flames one day when a young student, trying to push himself to the brink with his powers, accidently blew up half of the school. Nobody was seriously hurt, and in fact Emma found herself undergoing a secondary mutation when she turned into organic diamond, protecting herself from the explosion.

However, the controversy it brought with it all but destroyed the school. Parents pulled their children from the program when they thought it was unsafe, and then the rest followed suit when Emma's background in the sexually charged Hellfire Club was brought into question. The Hellfire Club, in turn, stopped funding the school in order to stay out of the controversy. Emma, feeling betrayed, quit the Hellfire Club and persued Charles Xavier, hoping to secure a position as a teacher at his school. As a teacher at Xavier's School, Emma has been forced to follow a more structured style, but often pushes for more liberating, controversial topics and issues in the classroom. She serves with the X-Men when the need arises, but is mostly at the school to teach.

Personality: Emma at first seems quite cold, but her dry sense of humor and teasing is just a part of her personality. She has a sharp mind and a tongue to go with it. To others it seems like she only watches out for herself, but it is not entirely the truth, she also cares deeply about the safety and well being of her students and puts that before her own needs. She has her own personal belief system and is never shy to force it upon others. When it comes to her powers she does not take concern with a person's mental privacy and often uses information she obtains in this way for her own benefit.